We have excellent elk hunts
with about a 99% success
rate with Bulls between 315
to 380 with bigger possible.   
rut hunts and post rut hunts
are both excellent hunts
Bull hunt rates:  Call for

All Hunts are,
5 day hunts.  One guide per
hunter,  lodging meals and

Call 970 640 7281
Trophy Utah Elk Hunts
Kyler's 2014 Rifle bull
Mark Durtschi Archery bull 09
Rich Young 2011 Rifle Hunt
Garth Carter 2011 rifle Hunt
John  Minaudo    5 dollar expo tag.  
November Late season elk hunt.  
Noel Weidner  2012 Rifle Hunt.  
Bryan Poston 2012 Muzzleloader hunt
Scott Kramer's 2013 Muzzle Loader Bull
Elmer Fluery's 2013 rilfe Bull