Brent's  Rifle buck
Kyler's 2014 Buck
Book Cliffs Hunting
The Book Cliffs area is an exceptional
trophy elk and mule deer unit.  The size
of the area, and difficult terrain, can
make it  a very challenging place to hunt.
If you decide to hire a guide.  Hire the
Best.  We are the best in our Area!
Why we are the best.
Our family has owned and operated the
Main canyon ranch since 1977.  No one
has more knowledge or experience in this
area than we do.  
We want to make your hunt of a lifetime, a
hunt of a lifetime.  We have thousands of  
acres of  prime deer and elk habitat behind
locked gates. We know the 100's of
thousands of public land acres like no one
else could. The Main Canyon Ranch is a
elk hunters Dream.   Our years of
hunting,working, playing, and living in the
Book Cliffs,  Year round!  Makes us by far
the Best at what we do.
All hunts include one on one
guide, lodging in cabins or tents if
we are in the Road less area,
meals, field dressing and
transportation to either Vernal,
Utah or Grand junction Colorado.
All permits must be acquired through the
Utah state draw. Or purchased from a
land owner.  We have land owner
permits that are sold on a first come first
served basis. These permit fees are an
additional expense.
Book Cliffs Hunting
Hunt The Book Cliffs with the Best!
Trophy gallery
Shed Antlers
Steve and Teri's spring bear hunt
Jake's  Rifle Buck
Landowner permits
We have landowner permits for Bull
elk and Cow elk available every
year.  We also have several mule
deer permits every year. This may
be the best way to guarantee
yourself a permit when you want it.  
Without effecting your Utah bonus
For landowner permits and rates call   970 640 7281
Jessy's 2013 rifle buck
Tony Reppepi's rifle buck