"Clay guided me on an elk hunt,  fall 2008.  I highly
recommend Clay !  Having used professional
guides before,  I would put Clay among the best.  
Clay really knows the Book Cliffs area and the
game there.  He is good with both bull and cow
calls; has ' the ear ' for identifying different bulls
as they bugle; has ' the eyes ' to be able to spot
the game quickly; and knows the habits of the elk.
 His tracking ability is excellent.  Clay doesn't
waste any time and he is a gentleman to be
around."  Paul Hardman,  Lehi,  Utah,  
"I was a little apprehensive about going on a guided
hunt, until I met Clay. From the first visit on the phone
and email to the first handshake.  This guy is top notch .
 He grew up in this country chasing cows and it shows.  
He knows the country like the back of his hand and
knows where the elk are.  I had my sights set on a
350+ bull, Until the last day or 2 and then I would take a
330sh bull.  Clay never tried to get me to harvest a
lesser bull and worked his tail off to achieve it.  I didn't
kill my 350 bull,  I ended up killing a 335 bull and
couldn't have been happier.  This hunt was by far the
most enjoyable I have ever been on.  From the quality
of the elk to the new friend I have made in Clay and his
family,  It was an unforgettable experience  i wouldn't
trade it for anything."  
Bryan Englehart
307 320 8153
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