Main Canyon Ranch
Main Canyon Ranch
Branding in upper willow creek
Main Canyon Ranch is a working cattle and
horse operation that has been in the family
since 1977
Main canyon Ranch
Willow Creek hay fields.
indian writings
old homesteads dot the landscape
foster parents
not always sunny
Snap the orphan bobcat
coming and going when she wants to,
through the window
bobcat on 4wheeler
learnig to hunt
life as we know it on Main Canyon Ranch
Madison age 3 with Goldy working on their round pen training
Clay basically grew up in the Book Cliffs spending every summer on the ranch
his school years.  
Clay moved his family to the Ranch in January of 2002 and has been living there
year round ever since.  Clay and Becky Mckeachnie have four children Kyler,  
Madison, William, and Andrew  who you will see throughout this website.
No one spends more time in this area than they do.  Due to the Vast expanse of
the cattle operation,They have been into every canyon and across every ridge in
the Book Cliffs, and they do it every year.  They have a great deal of pride when it
comes to this area, and a true desire to be the best guide in the area.
"Clay guided me on an elk hunt,  fall 2008.  I highly
recommend Clay !  Having used professional guides before,  I
would put Clay among the best.  Clay really knows the Book
Cliffs area and the game there.  He is good with both bull and
cow calls; has ' the ear ' for identifying different bulls as they
bugle; has ' the eyes ' to be able to spot the game quickly;
and knows the habits of the elk.  His tracking ability is
excellent.  Clay doesn't waste any time and he is a gentleman
to be around."  Paul Hardman,  Lehi,  Utah,  801-376-4765.