Our Cabins
The Fishing Cabin
The Bunk House Living area
The Bunk House
The Bunk House bedroom
The Fishing Cabin dinning area
Bath room and natural gas heater
Bunk House Kitchen
Fishing Cabin's kitchen
The Old Ranch Headquarters
Cabin, Kitchen
Dinning area in the Bunk House
Original Stone Fire place
Running water and warm shower
We have three very well set up cabins.  The Fishing Cabin is our most modern being
constructed ten years ago.  It has all the amenities, running water, bathroom, Full
Kitchen, and sleeping area with full size bunks.  There is also a covered porch with great
views of the 4 acre fishing pond, and the beautiful meadows that make up the canyon
bottoms of Main Canyon.
The Bunk House has been a favorite for years.  The Main part of this cabin was built in
the 30's and was about 3 miles down the canyon from where it sits today.  A large flood
covered the water source at the old homestead and the cabin was moved in the 40's to
where it sits today. An addition was built onto it and it became the Bunk house for the
hired help.  
The old Main Ranch Headquarters Is a Large cabin with a kitchen two bedrooms and a
bathroom.  This is the oldest and the largest guest cabin on the ranch.